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Exert Certification is an international specialist company offering IECEx Certification and training  services within the areas of Ex, electrical safety and processes within all relevant industries.

Exert Certification operates as a Certification Body under the IECEx 05 scheme for Certification of Personnel Competence (IECEx CoPC).


We offer assessments for the CoPC units Ex 000, Ex 001, Ex 002, Ex 003, Ex 004, Ex 006, Ex 007, Ex 008, Ex 009  and Ex 010.

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Exert Certification is also approved as a new Certification Body the IECEx 03-4 scheme for Certified Service Facility - Program 4: Inspection and maintenance according to IEC 60079-17 and IEC 60079-14.

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Branch office Korea - Exert Operations

Headquartered in Norway

Trudvangveien 67
3117 Tønsberg, Norway
+47 91 00 97 66

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