A detailed description of the process can be found in IECEx OD 503 chapter 3.2


Apply by web, email or post.

By applying, you will receive the status "applicant".


By Exert Certification

When your application is complete, one of our examiners will review your work and training record.


See IECEx OD 504 for the prerequisites for each unit.

If the review is successful, your status will change to "candidate" and you can sign up for assessments.


At one of our assessment centers in Norway, Korea, India or Malaysia

Unit Ex 000 and Ex 001 assess the candidate through theory exams. All other units use both theory exams and practical assessments.


You are advised to study the relevant parts of IECEx OD 503 and 504 for further information about the assessments.

If your assessment is successful, and if all fees are paid, your status will be changed to "certified person".


Candidates fulfilling all requirements will be awarded an IECEx CoPC valid for five years.

Certificates can be viewed online at and in the IECEx smart-phone app. A wallet ID card will also be issued to the certified person.


We will contact you three months before your certificate expires.

You will need to apply for renewal of your certificate.

Depending on if there has been changes to the relevant IEC 60079-standards, and depending on your work history during the past years, the Certification Body will decide if you will be offered a partial or full reassessment.