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Exert Certification aims to make a global footprint

Photo: Capeserve Malaysia
Photo: Capeserve Malaysia

Newly established Exert Certification has set an aggressive goal to make a global footprint within 5 years of operation! “When Norwegian EV Private Equity acquired the majority of the shares in Trainor Elsikkerhet in June 2020, I was offered to take over the certification business and the Korean operation from Trainor,” says CEO and founder of Exert Certification, Einar Thorén. “As Trainor Certification and Trainor Korea has been my main responsibilities the last years, I clearly see a big potential in continuing the development of this business, and I am very grateful for this opportunity.” Thorén continues.

Exert Certification AS (HQ) was established in Norway in July 2020, and at the same time the subsidiary, Exert Operations, was established in Korea together with James Baek, a former employee of Trainor Korea. Another former Trainor employee, Henning Staff, has also invested in Exert and together they form a small, but very competent and efficient organization.

Einar Thorén - CEO Exert Certification.
Einar Thorén - CEO Exert Certification.

“Despite the difficult Covid-19 situation we have achieved good results in our first quarter of operation in Norway and Korea. We expect significant increase of IECEx certifications at all our locations in the years to come. By continuing this trend and our partners gradually opening in their markets, we will soon need to hire more staff,” Einar Thorén says.

Exert Certification took over all rights and all obligations to operate IECEx personnel certification (CoPC) from Trainor Certification, operative from 1st July 2020. IECEx has approved Exert for the transfer of the status as Certifying Body (CB) for the IECEx Certificate of Personnel Competence scheme (CoPC) from Trainor Certification. Exert will handle all existing and new Trainor Certification candidates from this date. The first Exert Certification CoPC certificate was issued 22nd September, and since then 26 new Exert certificates has been issued.

Exert’s first milestone is to recover the position as the CB issuing the highest number of certificates in the World alone.

The IECEx system is the International Electrotechnical Commission System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Explosive Atmospheres. "Our goal is to highlight what we think is the best tool for improving the safety of the Ex industry globally," says Einar Thorén.

A boost for personnel expertise and security

The certification scheme is an important international focus area for the industry. "An international system for ensuring personnel competence is fully in line with our values ​​and the responsibility we take upon us to improve the safety of Ex areas. The Ex industry is

global, with companies operating in several countries and with personnel from all over the world. A common system for certification of personnel working in Ex areas helps raise the level of competence and ensures a common standard across borders," says Thorén. An IECEx CoPC certification requires a high level of skills from the candidates, and those who are certified have extended and updated their skills in advance of the exam. Such global lifting of skills will lead to fewer errors in Ex areas, less downtime and significant reduction in likelihood of accidents. Employers worldwide can be confident that IECEx certified personnel have the necessary expertise, which in the long-term results in a significant cost reduction during newbuilding, operation, and maintenance.

Extended support from the IECEx Secretariate

Chris Agius - IECEx Executive Secretary
Chris Agius - IECEx Executive Secretary

According to IECEx, the Ex Certifying bodies play an important role in bringing attention to the IECEx CoPC scheme. IECEx Executive Secretary, MrChris Agius says; “The objective of the IECEx CoPC Scheme is to make the world a safer place and to use the principles of conformity assessment to provide employers and others with the confidence that the personnel working in or near hazardous areas containing explosive atmospheres have been independently certified as competent to do so according to world’s best practice requirements. The ExCB’s are essential partners of IEC and providers to industry in this endeavour. Local presence and availability of active and future- focused ExCB’s in the marketplace is crucial in order to grow the scheme.”

Associates international partners

Availability is a keyword for growth. Exert Certification has quality assured and affiliated with several international partners, which, on behalf of Exert Certification, organizes CoPC exams for local candidates. Exert Certification issues and mark all exams and makes the final certification decision. "We cannot manage to certify everyone alone. Therefore, we welcome all companies who wish to work actively to promote IECEx personnel certification. Potentially, there are hundreds of thousands of Ex personnel worldwide who can and should be certified, "says Thorén.

Should be a standard in all countries

Ex-work is carried out in many areas of society, both nationally and internationally. In addition to the oil and energy industry, mines, petrol stations, chemical processing plants, hospital operators, aircraft recycling and hangars and sewerage treatment plants, among others, are also considered explosive areas. Work in connection with grain handling, woodworking and light metal work involving metal dust and fine particles can also be considered as Ex-work. The largest oil companies and installation owners increasingly require IECEx CoPC for their subcontractors. "Although many still hesitates to make the certification as a standard for all their employees, we see the tendency for large companies in the oil and gas sector to demand IECEx CoPC certification for assignments that are subcontracted. It is our goal to make IECEx CoPC a standard in all countries. It will make it easier, safer and cheaper for everyone in the industry,” Thorén concludes.

For more information please contact Einar Thorén, CEO - Operations Manager Certification at


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