• Einar Thorén


Current operating CB for IECEx Certification of Personnel Competence (CoPC), Exert Certification, can tick off a new IECEx scheme in their portfolio on their path to make a global footprint!

We are excited to announce that Exert Certification has been approved Certifying Body (CB) for the IECEx 03-4 - Certified Service Facilities scheme, program 4: Inspection and maintenance according to IEC 60079-17.

“We have been working very hard to achieve this and now we are more than ready to move on to the next step of operation for this scheme!” says CEO and founder of Exert Certification, Einar Thorén.

“Inspection and maintenance are a crucial part of all industry projects and as a certificate holder for this scheme you have solid proof of your company’s ability to work in full compliance with the IECEx rules and regulations.” Thorén continues.


With the increased globalization of the industry, the focus on safety in hazardous areas are rapidly increasing. The project owners require documented competence and systems from all stake holders in the projects to maintain the Ex-safety. IECEx is an acknowledged global provider of conformity assessments for equipment and work in hazardous areas. More and more the project owners require IECEx certification, because the IECEx system is accepted basically all over the world.

The IECEx certified service facilities scheme is based on quality assurance management and attests that the certified facility or organization has an independently confirmed ability to provide an expected level of service with an appropriate level of competence.

Even if the IECEx certificate is not required in a tender, your organization will definitely stand out in the competition for the project if you are certified.

IECEx - A single certification process applied worldwide!

The IECEx certified service facilities scheme provides Ex equipment users, regulators and the community with the confidence that Ex safety is maintained when Ex equipment is inspected or maintained, by an IECEx certified service facility in accordance with this scheme.

The key element of the IECEx certified service facilities scheme is initial and periodic audits by an IECEx certification body that has been accepted and authorized to issue IECEx certificates to service facilities. The purpose of these management system audits is to ensure that services offered and delivered under the banner of IECEx certification always continue to comply with IECEx requirements and those of the relevant IEC International Standards. The outcomes of these audits are published as an IECEx facility assessment report (IECEx FAR) along with the IECEx certified service facility certificate that the IECEx FAR supports. These are freely and permanently available for searching and viewing on the IECEx website or on the app for mobile devices.


According to IECEx, the Ex Certifying bodies play an important role in bringing attention to the IECEx

schemes. IECEx Executive Secretary, Mr Chris Agius says; “The objective of the IECEx Schemes is to make the world a safer place and to use the principles of conformity assessment to provide employers and others with the confidence that the personnel working in or near hazardous areas containing explosive atmospheres have been independently certified as competent to do so according to world’s best practice requirements. The ExCB’s are essential partners of IEC and providers to industry in this endeavour. Local presence and availability of active and future- focused ExCB’s in the marketplace is crucial in order to grow the presence of IECEx.”


The process for achieving an IECEx 03-4 certificate is as follows:

1. Application – Online Application form submitted on

2. Application review (Contract review) – Executed by authorized Exert personnel

3. Contract signing – Application accepted - certification contract agreed and signed by both parties

4. Evaluation planning – Certification Manager submits evaluation plan to client, incl desktop- & onsite evaluation

5. Review – Review of the evaluation results. If result is acceptable & all non-conformities are closed, certification decision is recommended

6. Certification decision by Exert – FAR & Certificate of Compliance (CoC) issued at

The process for maintaining an IECEx 03-4 certificate is as follows:

1. Annual surveillance – organized and planned by Exert in co-operation with the client. Must be conducted within 12 months from the date of the issue of the certificate. Surveillance scheme is based on ISO/IEC 17067, to ensure that all process- and service requirements of the scope of certification are fulfilled and in compliance with the rules. When approved, continued use of the certification mark is granted

2. Re-certification – Every third year the certified facility has to undergo a full evaluation and review in order to re-new the Certificate of Compliance


· IECEx Guide 03A, Guidance for Applications from Service Facilities seeking IECEx Certification

· IECEx 03-4, IECEx certified service facilities scheme – Part 4: Ex inspection and maintenance – Rules of procedure

· IECEx OD 314-4, Quality Management System requirements for IECEx Service Facilities providing Ex installations related services. Part 4: Ex inspection and maintenance

· IEC 60079-17: Visual, close, detailed inspection and maintenance

· IEC 60079-14: Electrical installations design, selection and erection

· ISO/IEC 17065: Conformity assessment — Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes and services

More information on the IECEx and its schemes:

Exert Certification is also approved as Certifying Body (CB) by IECEx for the Certificate of Personnel Competence scheme (CoPC)