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Newly approved CB for IECEx Certified Service Facilities (CSF) scheme, Exert Certification, has issued the first IECEx 03-4 Certificate in Korea!

We are excited to announce that Exert Certification on the 1st October issued our first IECEx CSF Certificate for FOEx Corporation, located in Ulsan, Korea. In addition to being the first Exert CSF certificate, it is also the first certificate for the IECEx 03-4 - Certified Service Facilities scheme, program 4: Inspection and maintenance according to IEC 60079-17, issued in Korea, and the third certificate issued globally for this scheme.

“We are very pleased to make this achievement so shortly after our approval as a Certifying Body (CB) for this scheme in late May 2021! This is a great milestone for Exert.” says CEO and founder of Exert Certification, Einar Thorén.

“It has been a privilege to work with FOEx Corporation in this process, a highly professional, newly established company with tons of experience and expertise competence within the field of Ex. We have no doubts that FOEx quickly will become a leading player in the Korean Ex industry.

We are also convinced that certification of service facilities within the area of Inspection and Maintenance will grow globally in the times to come, and Exert Certification already have several new clients in the pipeline for this.

Inspection and maintenance are crucial parts of all industry projects and as a certificate holder for this scheme you have solid proof of your company’s ability to work in full compliance with the IECEx rules and regulations.” Thorén continues.

Einar Thorén - CEO Exert Certification

“We are proud and happy to be the first Service Facility in Korea to be certified for IECEx 03-4 for Inspection and maintenance and we are hoping that this will be the first step on our path to become a leading service provider in the Korean Ex industry.” says the CEO and founder of FOEx Corporation, Dr. Gyuhong Kang.

Dr. Gyuhong Kang (to the right) and James Baek, Country Manager at Exert Operations Korea, at the Certificate Seremony in Ulsan


With the increased globalization of the industry, the focus on safety in hazardous areas are rapidly increasing. The project owners require documented competence and systems from all stake holders in the projects to maintain the Ex-safety. IECEx is an acknowledged global provider of conformity assessments for equipment and work in hazardous areas. More and more the project owners require IECEx certification, because the IECEx system is accepted basically all over the world.

The IECEx certified service facilities scheme is based on quality assurance management and attests that the certified facility or organization has an independently confirmed ability to provide an expected level of service with an appropriate level of competence.

Exert Certification wishes FOEx Corporation all the best for future growth and success!

Exert Certification is also approved as Certifying Body (CB) by IECEx for the Certificate of Personnel Competence scheme (CoPC) with assessment centres at many locations around the world.


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